Michael "Dawgbite" Powel (1958 - 2008)

fare thee well, fare thee well, we love you more than words can tell...

Mike's Current News

Get 'Er Done!

NOVEMBER 9 2012 - Thanks to the efforts of the proactive residents of Easton CT, Mike's online blog that has been preserved since his death in 2008, and everyone who keeps fighting on the behalf of Mike and all the other victims of child sexual abuse.... Toth Park is going to be renamed!

We can't express our gratitude enough to Elizabeth W. and the other residents of Easton who petitioned their elected officials to do the right thing and rename the park!!! Mike rests a bit easier today.

» Name will be removed from Easton park

NOVEMBER 8 2012 - Our best friend Mike's fight to change the name of Toth Park in Easton Connecticut that is currently named after his childhood sexual abuser is actually being voted on tonight by the Easton CT town council! WE NEED YOUR HELP TO MAKE THIS NAME CHANGE HAPPEN!

» Easton residents want accused predators name taken off park

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Rename Toth Park in Easton CT Michael Powel

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